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The new DESTINATIONS series will begin this year. Destinations will be a unique "hotspots" series in which the viewer will get more than one location per tape. We'll visit the famous Horse Shoe Curve and Tehachapi loop on the first installment, then in subsequent shows we'll travel to places like Joliet Illinois, Bayview Ontario, Tower 55 in Texas, Harpers Ferry WV, Gibbon Nebraska, Cajon Pass California, Silver Creek New York, Shawnee Junction Wyoming, and unlimited other destinations. We have been shooting for this series for over 7 years now and have a great lineup on the way.
In both segments of this fast paced new show we will show you action from before and after the big mergers. On Tehachapi loop you will see plenty of Southern Pacific and Santa Fe, as well as new BNSF trains and big Union Pacific power. On the Horse Shoe segment the bulk of the visit is during the Conrail era, but we took a special trip in October of 2001 just to capture the new face of Norfolk Southern at the Curve in fall colors. Its all gonna be there for you in the first installment of DESTINATIONS.


Look for other new projects from IHA over the coming years. We have many new titles in the works, in addition to the above mentioned.
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