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INTERACTIVE MAP: Click on circles to visit the best locations of the Trinidad Loop region.
*This feature is written from WEST to EAST, so click the map from LEFT to RIGHT.
This is an "artist's" rendering of the Trinidad Loop grade out of the Columbia River gorge east of Wenatchee Washington, one of the most unknown and yet interesting railroad grades in America. The BNSF mainline grade follows the river for several miles, bridges it, then after a few more miles it winds away from the water's edge to the brim of Lynch Coulee. There the tracks turn north for a few miles, loop around the spectacular, tight horse shoe curve and return south down the coulee. At the edge of a second coulee the main plunges eastward through tunnel 11.1 and emerges into an ancient volcanic cavity where once a great waterfall plunged from the Columbia plateau. The tracks cut through the basalt cliffs and top out the grade at Quincy a few miles later. Easy, yet dirty, off-road access, plenty of sun, and spectacular desert-mountain grade scenery are the hallmarks of this line.Up to a dozen trains during daylight may be expected here. Rattle snakes, dust, and oppressive heat are the downsides to the area. This grade of aproximately 20 miles has deep cuts, river and lake running track, a spectacular bridge, a decent tunnel, several massive fills and of course the namesake horse shoe curve. SEVERAL NEW PICTURES WILL BE ADDED TO THIS GUIDE IN NOVEMBER ADDING NEW LOCATIONS AND VIEWS.

The accurate topographic maps for the grade will be posted with the release of our Video on this region.

A version of this map without the link circles is posted on page 4 of the magazine. Feel free to download it.

Trinidad Loop VIDEO
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