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Great people can be found through the various facets of this wonderful hobby. Many can become lifelong friends.
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Some railroad nuts take pictures, some record sound, or video or both. Some like to record data about locomotive numbers and consist information, and even what type of traffic travels over the lines, and some don't care to record a thing, but just enjoy experiencing the passing show. No matter what kind of railfan you are you can meet great people trackside. Some of my best friends, I met through railroading, and they mean the world to me and have affected my life more than they could know.
Josh and Dave are both friends that came to me thanks to railfanning at Sand Patch. At least once a year we all try to go on a trek somewhere, and try to get back to the Patch too.
Tim and I met through the Model RR Club of Buffalo, in New York and because of this hobby I got one of the best friendships a guy could ever get. He eventually moved to Indiana and I moved to Washington, but when we get the chance we still get trackside now and then. When ya coming to the Cascades man?
When my sister got married a decade ago I gained a brother-in-law and as it turned out, he became a road trip, camping, backpacking, 'trains-are-great', kind of pal. He and I liked to hang out together so much that it actually drove my sister nuts. Now he lives in Maine, 4 thousand miles away and we rarely get out anymore. My kingdom for more vacation time! This is Don on the old steel road bridge at Sand Patch Summit last summer. By now the old bridge has been replaced by the new span seen in one of the pix in my Sand Patch article in this issue of High Iron. It rained almost nonstop on that trip.
Some railfan companions are more casual than others. Hank, a.k.a. BoilerHead, is my website host and a train-nut. He likes trains more than I do I think. Here he and I pose in front of the historic Michigan Central arch span over the Niagara Gorge in Niagara Falls New York, while waiting for an eastbound CP Rail train coming from Canada. BH is the type of guy you could call to go railfanning in the middle of winter, on a weeknight, at 3AM, and he could get you into a warm tower at the local yard to boot! That's an awesome kind of personality. Here we see BH at one of America's busiest, (albeit not very scenic,) railfanning hotspots: Silver Creek, NY as a westbound Conrail hot-shot races past.
On a cold November day Jason looks up at me as I struggle with the thorns in my pants from the berry patch I climbed through, just to get "a better view." My shot wasn't that great if I remember right. I guess Jason was pretty smart stayin' on the ground.
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