HIGH IRON ONLINE Magazine. Issue 1, Fall-Winter, 2002
Published by Iron Horse America, Hosted by Railfan.Net
A father who got him trackside half a lifetime ago started an interest in railroads and railroad history that brings Martin Burwash to the tracks of the western states as often as he can get there. An author of two photo/historical books on the lines crossing Washington's Cascade Mountains, Martin is an accomplished photographer and writer. His filmstock of choice is black and white and he uses medium format gear primarily.

"Old Man Burwash" is the type of hearty railfan who has no problem getting up at 4 in the morning to hike for 3 hours in the snow to a remote spot in hopes that he might get ONE train photo that day before hiking back to his Jeep. His photos are often from places only the railroaders themselves ever see. Today, Martin has found focus on Montana's mountains as well as the Feather River and other California treasures.

Enjoy a small sampling of his work from Washington in times before widecabs and stacktrains as well as some newer images. Click on the thumbnails below to see the full size pix.

Burwash's books: The Great Adventure: The Railroad Legacy of Stevens Pass, and Cascade Division were published by Fox Publications of Arvada Colorado. They are still avialable from some sources. They are detailed historical works. Most of these photographs are from those manuscripts. Many are from prints Martin sent to us years ago.

These pictures are Copyrighted to Burwash, IHA, and Fox Publications. No copying, display or reproduction otherwise is permitted without prior written authorization.

A few favorite railfanning spots on Stevens Pass shot in 1994. Color Slides.
The Milwaukee Road's last years on Washington's Snoqualmie Pass.
Early years of BN. Pre-merger paint still adorns these ancient diesels in the Washington Cascades on Stevens and Stampede Passes.
Burlington Northern action on Stevens Pass. The last decade, seen in a variety of locations.
Probably Martin's favorite season and subject has to be winter and the fight against it to move trains. A few pictures in this section depict BNSF's Stevens Pass during the harsh winter.
If you are interested in reaching Martin, send us an e-mail and we will forward it to him.