R.R. VIDEOS Coming Soon & In Production Now
Also in the works: Montana's Landmark Railroading. Travel to the spectacular mountains and valleys of Montana to see the famous grades of Burlington Northern and Montana Rail Link, and now BNSF. You'll see places, in all seasons, that most rail buffs have never heard of. We began shooting for this one in 1994 and are still adding great footage to our collection. The Montana series is sure to be a best seller.
We have been shooting footage for this series since 1994, and continue to fill in gaps in an expanding coverage area. We have visited some of the famous spots and many areas unknown to anybody beyond the railroad workers themselves.
Our series will cover railroading on Marias, Bozeman and Mullan passes. We will visit the Flathead tunnel and see the Clark Fork river gorge and its semaphore signals, plus see the semaphores on Winston Hill the week before they were removed in addition to other highlights from "Big Sky" country.


Look for other new projects from IHA over the coming years. We have many new titles in the works, in addition to the above mentioned.
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