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Like the railroaders who work 'em, the diesels sometimes need a bath after a hard day's job. In Cumberland, MD. CSX takes good care of their fleet.
Out west they really get dirty. A little extra effort is needed to clean these brutes. The MRL helper fleet spends a lot of time pushing freights through smoky, dirty tunnels so a little extra T.L.C. is in order here in Helena, Mt.
Sunsets in Black and White? Sure, when the sun is blazing white in the high mountains of the Tehachapis in California. Here the classic SP cantilevered signals look down on the nose of a train, just below Tehachapi summit.
A yard man may have the best railroad job there is. He gets to play with big trains, gets some exercise, and gets to watch 'em go by too. Local man: Whitefish, Montana.
Like I said, MRL has them smoky tunnels. Here is a westbound emerging from Bozeman Tunnel at the Continental Divide.
Above I mentioned Silver Creek, NY. Here is a sampling on the NS side of things, all taken from the popular camping spot west of town. Sunrise on a waiting eastbound in the siding, another eastbound later that morning, and west and eastbound Susquehanna stack trains meet on NS rails.
Interesting to note is that all of Suzy Q's three SD70s are in this meet on this summer afternoon.
One of the best train watching spots I have seen is White Clay Curve on BNSF's Crawford Hill in western Nebraska. Here we see a four unit helper set with a fuel tender assisting a single SD70MAC as it shoves a loaded coal drag around the horse shoe curve. The head end units of the train are already in the next horse shoe curve that lies around the bend. This scene is from our upcoming Crawford Hill sequel tape, shot this past summer. We had days of great weather and great train action. We plan to release the new show later this year. If you want to see Crawford Hill in action now and can't go there yourself, check out our original Burlington Northern's Crawford Hill feature tape still available from Iron Horse America or from Pentrex. The sunset at right was also shot at Crawford Hill.
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