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Possibly one of America's most beautiful mountain railroads is Stevens Pass in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state. We spent one incredible month in September of 1994 and a return visit in July of '95 and '97 to capture some of the best Burlington Northern shots you will ever see. Now the effects of the BNSF merger have really changed the Stevens image, so lots of this show will be a final look at the Cascades with pure BN railroading. We began shooting on the pass again in the past 2 years to get an all new feel for the mountain as well as in-depth winter coverage on this rugged line under the BNSF flag. Incredible weather, the most remote spots and extensive coverage make this a great title to look forward to later this year.
In addition to the top notch modern railroad videography, we will take a look at some of the history of this famous grade. One historical highlight will be a visit to portions of the abandoned original line that passed through the first "Cascade" tunnel. We will visit the site of the Wellington disaster, where over 100 souls lost thier lives in an avalanche. Expert commentary and guidance from regional historian Martin Burwash is included.

We go into edit on this show later this season. "Yeah Martin it is on the way!"


Look for other new projects from IHA over the coming years. We have many new titles in the works, in addition to the above mentioned.
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