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Recently those of you who are Trains Magazine readers, may have seen a feature article about a little known grade on the BNSF that climbs out of the Columbia River Gorge in Central Washington. The line is known as the Trinidad Loop, and since Iron Horse America relocated to the Seattle Wa. area, we have found that this grade is one of our favorite spots. We have been shooting footage there for over two years to bring you what will be a very unique mountain railroading show. We plan to go into production on the tape later this year. Look for it by winter, or sooner.
The photos on this page are stills shot along with the video. They give a good idea of the kind of quality to be found in Iron Horse America video productions. We do this for a living and we do it well. We use the highest quality gear and match it with years of industry experience and expertise.

Iron Horse America shooter Will "MtnGoat" Holloway lives up to his nickname on the Trinidad shoot, as he capture an eastbound mixed freight in the line's prehistoric, volcanic crater.The crater was once a magnificent waterfall, about the size of Niagara Falls, at the end of the Ice Age.


Look for other new projects from IHA over the coming years. We have many new titles in the works, in addition to the above mentioned.
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