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Artsy and Interesting Images From Our Travels.
The trees of the Cascade mountains of Western Washington can provide some spectacular fall foliage as the nights get cold in late September. This picture was taken in the upper Nason Creek Canyon on the east side of Stevens Pass in early October of '99.
Is there anything that is more American than a sunrise on a working farm. Our most valuable resource is our land and farmers have been up before the sun for hundreds of years to work the land for the rest of our benefits.
I have always thought that one of the icon images of the "Great West" are the oil fields and their bobbing, dinosaur headed, well pumps. This pair seen just before sunset, is in Western Wyoming is just off of U.S. Interstate 90.
Another image typical of the American West is the windmill. Pumping water on the vast ranch land, these ancient machines make it possible to keep livestock healthy in areas that can get very dry in summertime. Along with the ranch land come barb wire fences with aging wooden posts that won't rot because of the arid climate. This wood stand, classic 'Aermotor of Chicago' pump is located in Northern Colorado in a pine tree forest near Interstate 25.
That dry wood with its detailed grain patterns, can be found at remote corrals that haven't been used for decades, but will last indefinitely. This corral sits on a high plain in "Middle-of- nowhere" Western South Dakota.
At the same abandoned ranch with the corral, we see the skeletal remains of some ancient farm machinery. Like the wooden fences, the old steel will probably be here for a long time, since the climate is so dry.
Steel, heavy industrial structures and hard light with deep shadows have, for a long time, been one of my favorite subjects for dramatic imagery. I think it is the symmetry of man made objects with the natural beauty of organic lighting that makes these pictures work. The father of a good friend of mine was a structural engineer before he died, and my friend would often point out or take pictures of objects that his dad would like. I think that's how I got started with this subject matter.

This view is taken from the catwalks on the top of a blast furnace, at an abandoned steel mill, in the Monongahela River Valley east of Pittsburgh, PA. The last light of a late fall day casts around the tops of the ovens.

More of the same steel mill can be seen here in this view of the rusting tracks for a "skip bucket." This was like an elevator to bring raw iron ore, coke or limestone, up from the stockpiles for the mill, then flip the bucket over, dumping its payload into the top of the blast furnace.
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