Roaring up the coulee towards quincy we find a heavy morning Spud Local as it nears the upper "lake". The two engines seen here are assigned to this and a few other Apple yard jobs. They are known as Pork Chops and Apple Sauce. The names are inscribed in the dirt above the number boards. The lead engine this morning is the Pork Chops.
On another morning we find calm water on the upper "lake" to reflect this eastbound mixed freight. In one mile the train will have reached the top of the grade. This Shot can be taken near highway 28 from the edge of an irrigation canal .
Early morning in the Area is probably the best time for railfanning. The light is strong and the temperatures tend to be cooler. There is also not as much haze in the air. This dawn stacker roars upgrade past the two small lakes at the west end of Quincy siding.
Chasing trains on the Trindad loop line is nearly impossible in Lynch Coulee itself, but using the coulee to pass trains is easy as pie on the highway. This eastbounder roaring up the main, as it approaches quincy is the same train seen climbing through the S-curves above the Columbia a few pages back. I just took a short 5 minute drive up the hill while the train had to negotiate the whole coulee twice plus the crater. The train on the right is a westbound mixed that can usually be seen negotiating the loop early in the morning.
"Pork Chops" is busy working the small yard in quincy on a sunny summer morning. Some chemicals, lumber general freight and of course plenty of refrigerated boxcars make up the bulk of traffic for the spud local to Quincy. The small town has several fruit proccesing plants and other industries. The town also marks the top of the grade. From here east the ex-GN mainline has an undulating profile.
Thats it for now folks. The Trinidad loop calls me back trackside regularly. It gives that desert mountain feel but is a short drive from my home in the urban Seattle area. Access is easy and there are endless photo opportunities. Look for my video later this year. Shot over a two year period, you will see many more photo spots than in this little piece. The weather and trains have been great every time I have been over there so you can look forward to a fun train watching experience.
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